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About Me

Bjs is short for “半卷书”.

I am a senior programmer with over 10 years of experience, currently serving as an software architect and team leader. I have extensive expertise in PHP and Golang development and have gained valuable practical experience in both programming languages.

Throughout my career, I have organized and built multiple project management tools that have played a critical role in enhancing team collaboration and project delivery efficiency. I have successfully led teams to complete over 10 innovative projects, demonstrating my strong project management and team leadership skills.

I prioritize teamwork and effective communication, and I excel in collaborating with cross-functional teams. I have a proven track record of working collaboratively with team members from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, driving project success collectively. I possess strong problem-solving skills and thrive in high-pressure environments while maintaining excellent performance.


  • 6.CN Inc. (2012/06 ~ now)
    • Live Company
    • Leader of the Technology Department
    • Technology Stack
      • PHP/Golang/Lua/Solidity
      • MySQL/Redis/Kafka
      • Nginx/K8S/Docker
      • HTTP/Socket/Rtmp/RTC
      • CentOS/Debian/MacOS
      • SVN/Git
      • Jira (Plan and formulate jira workflows to improve project workflows)
  • Hebei Wishload (2011/04 ~ 2012/04)
    • Distribution Platform Company
    • PHP Developer
    • Technology Stack
      • PHP
      • MySQL/Redis
      • HTML/CSS/JS
  • China Unicom (Yanbian Branch) (2009/01 ~ 2011/03)
    • VPN Development Department
    • Ops
    • Linux/RouterOS
  • FangYan Advertising (2008/04 ~ 2008/06)
    • Advertising Design Company
    • Designer


I am interested in technology trends.
I’m not afraid to learn languages, but I enjoy using PHP and Golang.
I like to automate and reduce annoying things.


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